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Fred G. Mazza       circa 1975
Gary Mazza                       circa 1975
Gary performed service in the Mohawk Valley in New York and surrounding areas for many years before opening his own business in 1997.
About Mazza Appliance Service
   " I owe everything to my dad who taught me good business practices​. His appliance service company was the apex for what we have today. He also owned and operated one of the largest retail appliance centers in Central New York. (Fred Mazza World Of Appliances) He invented and redesigned mechanisms that are found in appliances today. We're going back to the wringer washer days. I still remember the service charge for a house call was $8."

  Mazza Appliance Service is family-owned and operated right here in Port Charlotte Florida.
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Even when his retail business was thriving, Fred stayed involved in the service side of the business with a hands on approach. It was common to see him in the service shop, tools in hand, well into his eighties.
Discussing business in 1994